Spirit Rock


Click here to sign up to paint the Rock!  Spirit Rock Signup

Want Early Access to the Spirit Rock???  If so, join the PTO.  All PTO members receive the chance in September to sign up first for the spirit rock!  The Spirit Rock signup will be available to the whole school in October.

Our spirit rock was donated to the school by the 2010 fifth grade class.  The PTO and the school will paint the rock for various events throughout the year.  Parents can sign up to celebrate a birthday or honor a teacher. Teachers can sign up to honor their class, a special event or unit, or for any other reason!

There is a $5 fee per reservation to paint the spirit rock. Refunds are not provided due to inclement weather, missed reservations, and the like.

Payment via check or cash must be received by the PTO within 5 calendar days of PLACING the reservation or before the reservation date, whichever is sooner.  Delays in payment will cause the reservation to be released.

All sign-ups are managed via a Signup Genius.  A link will be provided to PTO members as they join. PTO members have priority access through September 30th.

Sign-up becomes available to the entire school in the beginning of October. 

The Spirit Rock is available in 3 day increments – reservations change every Sunday and Wednesday.  Consecutive reservations are not allowed.

Painting may begin anytime on Sunday or after 2:15 pm on Wednesday.  Painting is prohibited during school hours.

You must provide your own paint. (2 cans of good spray paint will cover the rock)

Inappropriate messages and/or images painted on the rock will be immediately covered by the PTO.  Painting of the rock without a reservation will result in the rock being covered by the PTO.

* Please place your payment in an envelope marked PTO Spirit Rock.  Checks are to be made payable to: HB PTO.  Please include your reservation date with payment.