January Minutes

Hemby Bridge Elementary School PTO Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2016

PTO Members Present: Jennifer Schwarz, Beth Green, Heather Pownell, Rita Klasmier, Michelle Simpson, Amy Sullivan, Amy Machold, Jenny Ray, Heather Pownell, Kim Rice, Stephanie Burris, Emily Paxton, Paige McCay, Debbie Romanow, Heather Greenwood, Brianna Anderson

Call To Order:

Jennifer Schwarz called the meeting to order at 2:15 pm

Officer Reports:

     President–  The positions of President and Treasurer will need to be filled for next year.  Jennifer will start the process of reaching out for individuals that may be interested

VP Fundraising–  discussed continuing with Boosterthon next year.  If we continue, the Kick Off will be on Tuesday, 10/25 and the Fun Run will be on Thursday, 11/3.  An email vote will be sent out so that we can start the process.

    VP Room Parents–  room parents will be asked to contact their teachers and ask about Valentine’s Day parties

    Treasurer-  bank balance $23,037.49. Received reimbursed from State of NC for taxes paid on school sign ($782.87); payment made to HBES in the amount of $2600 to aid in copy machine expenses.  Upfront money deadline was 12/18.

    Secretary-  nothing to report


Committee Reports:

    Beautification-  nothing to report

    Book Fair–  teacher preview- 2/12 (teachers that attend will receive a free book up to $10)

**All For Books Challenge- change challenge (class that donates the most coins by

weight- each student in that class receives a book up to $5)

**Sign up sheet for teachers is in the teacher’s mail room

**Melissa is looking for co-chair for Book Fair

    Box Tops/Campbells-  check received for $1195.60; next clip day will be 2/25; teachers asked to encourage class participation

    Care and Share-  will send card to Mrs. Joyce Plyler (Get Well wishes) and Mrs. Scarlet Helms(retirement)

    Family Dance–  looking at the possibility of a spring dance

    Restaurant Nights – 1/28 Kate’s Skate; 2/11 Monkey Joes; 2/18 Chick-Fil-A

    Green- nothing to report

    Grocery Store Rewards- $301 check received from Harris Teeter

    Holiday Shop- nothing to report

    Hospitality-  Souper Monday on 2/7; (kindergarten room across from the cafeteria)  Angelica to contact Mrs. Burris week prior to set up details (tables, power strips, etc)

    Lunch Relief-  moved to Tuesdays; going well so far

    Membership- nothing to report

    Mentoring- all mentor needs are covered at this point

    Newsletter- newsletter going out next week, email Kristen Sloan with any requests

    School Spirit- nothing to report

    Volunteers- email Kim Rice with any volunteer needs

    Website- email Heather Pownell with any website requests

    Yearbook- January photo upload contest- class with most pictures uploaded wins the teacher a $5 gift card. Upload photos to entourage.com or send to

yearbook@hbpto.org.  When sending photos, include as much information as possible about photo.

Old Business:

     –New lock will be purchased for money drop box for the 3-5 building

New Business:

      –Boosterthon vote discussed and will be put out for an email vote

-New teacher, Mrs. Emily Paxton for kindergarten

-New Assistants- Mrs. Heather Pownell, Mrs. Mindy Zayachkowsky, and Mrs. Bebe


-Mrs. Scarlet Helms retired; a book will be purchased by the PTO as a gift to the school in her honor.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm